Artist Creates Bitcoin Wizard Meme, Raises $150K in BTC via Lightning

• An artist who created the original 2013 Bitcoin Wizard meme raised over $150,000 in Bitcoin using the Lightning Network.
• Udi Wertheimer and Taproot Wizards helped facilitate the sale of the ordinal inscriptions to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his artwork.
• Despite some criticism from bitcoin maximalists, most „Bitcoiners“ are builders, explorers, researchers, and supporters of Bitcoin.

Artist Raises Nearly $150,000 in BTC via Lightning

The creator of the original 2013 bitcoin wizard meme raised 6 BTC, or close to $150,000 with help from crypto proponent Udi Wertheimer and Taproot Wizards. They facilitated a collection of ordinal inscriptions on Saturday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his artwork. Payments were mostly made through NFT enjoyers downloading a lightning wallet from Alby and making a bitcoin payment within 3 hours of the limited sale.

Criticism From Bitcoin Maximalists

While this was successful, Wertheimer explained that some bitcoin maximalists and r/bitcoin moderator Bashco disliked it. Bashco is well known “for supporting extreme censorship” over at r/bitcoin as they have decided JPEGs are evil. Despite people like Bashco and those who call themselves maximalists, Wertheimer insists that most “Bitcoiners aren’t like this”.

Real Bitcoiners Are Builders & Explorers

Wertheimer stressed that true “Bitcoiners” are builders, explorers, researchers and supporters of Bitcoin rather than just mere critics or naysayers against blockchain technology as a whole. He believes real Bitcoiners understand that JPEGs can be bought with cryptocurrency if there is enough demand for them on the market.

Supporting an Artist Using Bitcoin & The Lightning Network

Watching everything transpire made Udi Wertheimer really happy by simply using bitcoin (BTC) and the Lightning Network to support an artist which is something he continues to advocate for in today’s digital age where artistry should be appreciated more than ever before due to its ability to inspire others through creative expressionism across all mediums such as social media platforms, websites etc…

Conclusion: Demand For Technology Continues

With more than 150,000 Ordinal inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain it is evident that people appreciate cryptocurrency technology and its potential as demand for it continues to increase while pushing innovation forward in different industries around the world!